For your welcome message to appear on the createwelcome.com Welcome Wall, be printed by TagSnaps technology at a #CreateWelcome Social Booth, or be eligible for display on the goa digital billboard network, your Instagram account must be set to ‘public’ in settings when you post and tag your photograph with the hashtag.  Your account can be returned to ‘private’ when your photograph has been uploaded to Instagram and/or printed at the Social Booth.

#CreateWelcome searches Instagram for welcome messages to share through the goa digital billboards throughout the campaign of April 1 – June 30. By posting on Instagram with the hashtag #CreateWelcome, you consent to your welcome message being used on the createwelcome.com Welcome Wall and goa’s digital billboard network during this time period.

To opt out and have your photograph removed from the createwelcome.com Welcome Wall or a goa digital billboard, delete the photograph from your Instagram account and contact the #CreateWelcome team on (07) 3198 2525 or  email us. You can also contact us at any time if you are concerned about the status of your photograph on the createwelcome.com Welcome Wall or on any of goa’s digital billboards.

MDA and goa reserve the right to remove any photographs deemed inappropriate from MDA, goa or #CreateWelcome websites and social media platforms without notice.