goa’s billboards can display Instagram posts using #CreateWelcome, but also to point to big events where the TagSnaps booth is set up.

In this phase we will take the TagSnaps booth to as many events as we can around Brisbane to provide continuous, engaging content for the goa grid.

We’ll be targeting major Brisbane events, such as home games of Queensland sporting clubs, and also our network of multicultural events which can connect the goa brand to a diverse audience.

These may include:

  • Brisbane Lions
  • Brisbane Songkran celebrations
  • Barrio Filipino Festival
  • Brisbane Roar
  • Queensland Reds
  • Brisbane Broncos
  • Queensland Firebirds
  • Panyiri and more
The set-up is flexible to cater for different sized areas and easy to transport

On CreateWelcome.com, social media and our email updates, we’ll have a diary listing detailing where the TagSnaps booth will be from day to day, so welcomers will know where they can go to create their welcome message.

We will invest in one MDA or TagSnaps staff member and one MDA volunteer to man the booth at each event. With our fun and vibrant approach, they will encourage welcomers to take part and also collect information to grow our email list. That way, we can keep everyone up to date with competition results and the campaign’s progress. We’ll transport everything in a #CreateWelcome vehicle, co-branded with MDA and goa logos, as well as #CreateWelcome.