Every campaign needs measurability, not only quantitative results, but qualitative. We can collect valuable statistics to measure the success of the campaign, but also identify motivations of participants and trends in their behaviour.

We are confident our campaign will serve as a compelling case study for goa, using a non-commercial message to actively create change in Queensland.


TagSnaps data provides us with in-depth details on the number of posts, likes and comments using #CreateWelcome, as well as user, location and time/date details. We’ll use this information to continually evaluate and evolve the campaign. We can also track how many times #CreateWelcome is used on Instagram, other social media platforms and on the createwelcome.com Welcome Wall.

Social impact

Our aim is to use the #CreateWelcome message and make it a user-driven movement. We want people to convert their message of welcome into actions of kindness and hope. The positivity and unity of #CreateWelcome will give them the courage to do it. Check out WHAT’S NEXT to find out more on how to #CreateWelcome.