We want thoughts to lead to actions then outcomes, so user-generated content will form the strength and backbone of our campaign. We will invite Queensland, and indeed the world, to create messages of welcome. From our word bank, welcomers will use their hearts to compose a short message on the magnetic thought bubble then post the image on Instagram using our hashtag, #CreateWelcome.

Our friends at TagSnaps have some pretty cool technology which maximises the social media experience by combining the fun of Polaroid pictures with the reach and power of Instagram. The coding in the TagSnaps printer downloads the image via the #CreateWelcome hashtag and within seconds prints a fun, co-branded takeaway memory for each welcomer. We’ll feed these digital images to goa.

Not only does TagSnaps collate every image, it also tracks what happens to it. Every post, every like, every comment is captured for great analytics. We’ll know how the campaign is doing every step of the way.

Every welcomer at one of our TagSnaps booths will be asked to opt in with their name and email address so we can keep them up to speed with the latest campaign news, build excitement and notify the winners of our regular competitions. Similarly, createwelcome.com will incorporate an opt-in pop up window where people can sign up to receive campaign updates.

The campaign will be supported by a strong digital strategy, including social media excitement-builders and regular email updates to inject momentum into the campaign.

You’ll see much more about how and where we’ll set up the TagSnaps booths and other initiatives we have lined up in OUR CAMPAIGN section.


On our createwelcome.com website, every #CreateWelcome image posted to Instagram, no matter where in the world it is taken, will form a tile on our Welcome Wall, after it goes through moderation of course! An entire wall of people expressing messages of inclusion,  understanding and celebrating diversity. This will form great content for goa’s digital technology.

MDA acknowledge Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders as the first peoples of Australia, and recognises the immense cultural and linguistic diversity that has existed in these lands for tens-of-thousands of years.